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Speech / Language Therapy

Speech / language therapy plays another vital role in the life of a child with autism and other special needs. Speech can also encourage sensory integration through the use of oral motor and whistle/straw therapy as well as listening programs such as Earobics and Fast ForWord. Expressive language development allows the child to meet the basic need to communicate. Without the ability to effectively communicate, there are frustrations and a decreased chance at a productive life.

Developing the expressive language of a student not only increases his or her ability to express orally but also improves written expression.  Speech can also open the door to comprehension.  Working one on one and in small groups, a speech therapist can open the door to social language through games and conversation.  The therapists can also improve reading comprehension by helping the student understand the nuances of written language in areas of inferring, interpreting figures of speech, and analyzing writing strategies.
During therapy sessions, students can be found sitting on the floor, or on a swing or lying prone on a bean bag, or they may be fitted with weighted or pressure vests.  You can find us with our students in the therapy room, classroom, in the kitchen, on the playground, as well as between settings.  We incorporate ideas from music therapy to promote the development of language skills, communication, and social skills.  Working together with teachers and parents guides us in setting goals and priorities, thus providing therapy that is personal, functional, and relevant to the individual student:.
Communication is a basic need.  We strive to provide our students with communication skills that allow them to grow into responsible, community oriented individuals with a purpose.  With your help we can put in place programs developed by the team, incorporating measurable goals across settings, while addressing specific needs of our students.

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    • Support the Central Florida K-12 Special Needs Community since 2002
    • Foster a teaching philosophy that's leading-edge, academically sound and therapeutically-based
    • Create a comfortable, natural setting with small classrooms & outdoor spaces that encourage kids to walk, jump, or sit quietly during instruction
    • Allow our students the opportunity to experience growth and progress in a way not seen in other programs through a culture of patience, caring, understanding and specialized training


    At Arbor, we want to make sure your child and Arbor are a perfect match. Over the course of several meetings, we get to know each other, review your child's IEP and evaluations, and give your child the chance to spend some time at Arbor to see how they like it. John McKay and Gardner Scholarship money is available via online applications.


    The Arbor School of Central Florida's employs nearly 30 staff, including administrators, therapists, teachers, and teaching assistants. We provide instruction for students from middle and primary school up to high school and transition. Therapies include Occupational, Speech & Language, Music Therapy and Art.

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    “The Arbor School has provided a great environment for our son. They are results-oriented, in a nurturing environment, with excellent teachers who are extremely patient, kind, and skilled.”
    The O'Reilly Family
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    “…our son has come so far! He’s not the same kid and we owe it all to Arbor School. Thank you Ms. Wendy and Everyone at Arbor School of Central Florida!”
    The McCabe Family
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    …our son has never been happier since he's been at Arbor. With the other schools he attended in the past, it was always a struggle to get him to go every day. At Arbor, he is excited and happy to go every day. Thank you!”
    The Roberts Family
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    “I finally found the right fit! My son has only been at Arbor for one year and has learned more than he has over the last several at a different private school for students with learning disorders.
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