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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our school programs and provide some answers below. If you need additional information please send us a message by clicking here.

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  • What is the mission of the school?

    The mission of The Arbor School is to provide an individualized educational, therapeutic, training and support experience to help people with disabilities achieve their full potential in life.

  • Who will be working with my child?

    Our staff consists of Florida State certified teachers, speech language therapists, occupational therapists and classroom aides. Our combination of education, therapeutic training and professional expertise in evaluating and treating children with sensory integration, auditory processing, and communicative disorders sets us apart in Central Florida. We collaborate with you and one another to ensure your child is successful within our small classroom settings.

  • My child is getting speech and OT at their school now.  Will they still get these therapies at the Arbor School?

    Therapy services are provided based on validated level of need, and are determined through assessment. If your child is in our primary and middle school classes and demonstrates a need for services, your child will receive 2 individualized ½ hour sessions of speech and/or OT per week.

  • What subjects are taught at the Arbor School?

    The Arbor School teaches the core subjects - Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, Spelling, and English. Plus, there are opportunities for arts and crafts, music, field trips, and special events. Our goal is to help your child work to his/her best in an environment that is fun, creative, challenging, and academically sound. The teachers at The Arbor School are well versed in the Florida State academic requirements for the grade level(s) that they are teaching. We work intently with each child to bring him/her to the grade level that the child is capable of achieving.

  • What curriculum do you use?

    At The Arbor School, we draw from a wide range of curriculum allowing the teacher to create lessons that meet the individual needs of the student, and these curriculum resources include Literacy by Design, Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant, Reading Rocks, Scholastic, and News-2-You for Reading, Science and Social Studies. Math lessons are created from Aleks Math, TouchMath and McGraw-Hill Mathematics. Other resources include publishers such as Reading A-Z, Modern Curriculum Press, Great Leaps and Evan-Moor. We want to help your child succeed in an environment that is fun, creative, challenging, and academically sound.

  • How are your lessons taught?

    Our goal at The Arbor School is to provide a leading edge academic program that is taught using methods that will allow each student to learn. In order to provide the best learning environment for each child, our teachers use many methods to help our students learn. We use a combination of technology, using both computers and iPads, hands-on learning, one on one guided instruction, small group projects as well as traditional methods using pencils, paper, and books. 

  • I would love to see the school in action. How do I arrange for a tour?

    You can arrange for a tour of our school by either calling (407) 388-1808 or by email at [email protected]

  • I have a few specific questions regarding my child.  Who do I contact?

    You can call the office at (407) 388-1808 or contact our Director by email at [email protected] 

  • What Florida School Choice options do you offer?

    Arbor School accepts McKay, Gardiner, and Hope Scholarships. For more information, go to www.FloridaSchoolChoice.org

  • Do you provide before and after care?

    Arbor School provides before and after care during the school year for additional fees. These sessions are staffed by Arbor School employees with opportunities for additional learning, arts & crafts, socialization, and physical play.

    Arbor School does not offer before or after care during Summer Camp.

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Arbor School participates in the John McKay Scholarship and Gardiner Scholarship programs. For more information, click here.

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    “The Arbor School has provided a great environment for our son. They are results-oriented, in a nurturing environment, with excellent teachers who are extremely patient, kind, and skilled.”
    The O'Reilly Family
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    “…our son has come so far! He’s not the same kid and we owe it all to Arbor School. Thank you Ms. Wendy and Everyone at Arbor School of Central Florida!”
    The McCabe Family
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    …our son has never been happier since he's been at Arbor. With the other schools he attended in the past, it was always a struggle to get him to go every day. At Arbor, he is excited and happy to go every day. Thank you!”
    The Roberts Family
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    “I finally found the right fit! My son has only been at Arbor for one year and has learned more than he has over the last several at a different private school for students with learning disorders.
    The Behrens Family